He is an Entrepreneur, Host, Model and of course, a Top Chef–He is Roblé Ali. And with the launch of his fragrance collection, CLIQUE by Roblé, he can also add Beauty Executive to the list too!

CLIQUE by Roblé was born from an idea to develop the first ever “fragrance recipe”; an irresistible scent based on some of Roblé’s signature culinary creations. The goal was a perfume that maintains the freshness of a cocktail with an alluring dessert base. Well, Lovelies…please consider the goal achieved!  This intoxicating aroma combines blood orange juice, triple sec, and tuberose with cinnamon, honey and chocolate as a culinary homage to all the senses.  And as a forward look into CLIQUE by Roblé here is your love, Aunt Bonnie Beauty Counter for knowing more:


Chef Roble at the lab

CLIQUE by Roblé is not some vanity creation or novelty scent!  This is a real deal beauty collection that is fully vetted and, consequently, is full on chic.  For more than a year, Roblé diligently worked with world renowned Perfumer, Frank Voelkl of Firmenich.  The creative process was a “Top Chef meets Top Perfumer” collaboration that resulted in an irresistible Oriental Gourmand experience.


Clique Family Shot White

CLIQUE by Roblé is the first wearable fragrance recipe.  The signature scent- -based on ingredients in Roblé’s Sparkling Citrus Cocktail and French Toast Crunch Dessert–is infused throughout the entire collection (Eau de Parfum, Body Butter, Shower Gelée and Scented Lacquer).

3.  The name, CLIQUE by Roblé, is inspired by his love of bringing people together. You can join Roblé’s clique by wearing the collection and #SmellDelicious in the process too.


4. CLIQUE by Roblé’s signature bottle is a work of art!  It won the 2014 HBA Global International Package Design for Best Prestige Fragrance award.  And it is also the #FIRST fragrance to introduce BeautyCue, the mobile engagement tool with Swipe technology for deeper brand interactions.


CLIQUE by RoblÈ Scented Lacquer main

As a promotional color in Gold, the Scented Lacquer rounds out the CLIQUE by Roblé collection.  It is a “fragrance encapsulated” nail polish that is long lasting, quick dry and chip resistant. It smells like typical nail polish when you apply but #SmellDelicious when dry! The proprietary fragrance lasts up to 96 hours.

Know more about CLIQUE by Roblé  at: www.cliquebyroble.com

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